PocketHealth Launches Provider-to-Provider Sharing Functionality

xray transferring over globe

New to PocketHealth: Instant Provider-to-Provider Sharing, an industry-leading approach to simple and seamless DICOM image sharing between healthcare providers. With PocketHealth’s new Provider-to-Provider Sharing functionality, imaging centres (hospitals and clinics) can share a patients imaging records with any other site or physician anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Sharing Experience

Launched securely and effortlessly through a clerical staff’s web browser — with no additional software required — clerical staff can query for any patient within their PACS and move onto study selection. From there, studies are rapidly fetched and populated in real-time from all local storage environments and are presented to clerical staff for quick selection, with a simple user interface that everyone can use.

After studies are selected, PocketHealth generates a unique record access PDF is created with a secure PIN, patient DOB, and link that is accessible by the receiving party, regardless of their EMR or RIS/PACS. The form is able to be sent by fax (by simply entering the fax number, the pdf is sent securely through HIPAA/PHIPA-compliant eFax) or printed off to be transferred alongside the patient (critical for emergency transfers).


Powerful Access Experience

The simplified process means receiving physicians/sites can access records from any workstation- without any account set-up, training, or installation- and with one click view all received records with eUnity (a zero footprint FDA/Health Canada-compliant diagnostic viewer). Best yet, records maintain their original DICOM format and can be imported into a sites Film Library immediately.

Limitless Potential

Provider-to-Provider Sharing can solve many common use cases, such as:

  • Significantly reducing transfers out of ER, ICU and other departments by replacing CD burning with instant fax transfer to the receiving site.
  • Electronically sharing records for external consult instantly — allowing them to be accessed across the receiving facility in one fluid action — rather than rely on costly CD couriers.
  • Effortlessly sharing priors with other sites, enabling seamless chart transfer as well as a no-hassle import experience directly into their PACS.

Provider-to-Provider Sharing a powerful addition to PocketHealth’s arsenal of tools that improves record sharing and storage for both providers and patients in order to change how sensitive imaging data moves through the healthcare system.

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