Robust Share History Empowers Patients to Instant Audit, Revoke or Resend any Past Share

my shares history screen

Keeping track of when you share your records and who you share your records with can get complicated. You want to be in control of who you share you records with, but after a while you can lose track of who you have faxed or emailed your records to, and who still has access to your records. With PocketHealth, this is no longer an issue — introducing our newest feature to help you control your health records: My Shares.

How it works
By logging into your account you can now view which records you have shared through the My Shares page. This updated functionality is found in the top menu bar and includes a detailed recipient sharing history. Other benefits of the My Shares feature include the status of your share (whether records were shared successfully or not), whether these records can still be accessed by your recipient and the option to revoke shared records or re-share records.

Why it works

Helping you manage your records is what we do best, and now we’ve done it even better by adding the My Shares to your account. This page is helpful for you if you want to see who still has access to your records, or even to easily re-send any records you have previously shared. If you’ve ever made a typo when sharing or are no longer seeing a physician, you can simply revoke the access they have to your records. Revoking access will ensure the recipient is no longer able to access your records. With My Shares your records are always in your control.

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