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Axios: PocketHealth raises $16 Million USD in Series A Funding to Expand US Presence

Axios headline announcing PocketHealth $16M funding

Axios health technology reporter Erin Brodwin interviewed Rishi and Harsh about PocketHealth’s vision for empowering patients with access to their own medical imaging and records and how our Series A funding round will enable the company to accelerate investment in product development, hiring, and expansion into the U.S.

An excerpt:

“PocketHealth, a medical image sharing startup, raised $16 million in Series A funding led by Questa Capital to expand its U.S. presence, cofounders Harsh and Rishi Nayyar tell Axios exclusively.

Why it matters: For decades, established tech giants and startups have been striving to shake up the electronic health record (EHR) industry, and recent anti-data-blocking legislation giving patients the chance to access their health information with apps has reinvigorated those efforts.”

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