PocketHealth Integrates with GAM Diagnostic Imaging

GAM launches PocketHealth for patients and providers

GAM Diagnostic Imaging now integrates with PocketHealth to provide patients with fast, easy access to their medical imaging, eliminating need for CD-ROMs

Partnership with PocketHealth expands diagnostic image access to more patients across the Greater Toronto Area


PocketHealth has established a new partnership with GAM Diagnostic Imaging (GDI), a group of seven independent health and medical imaging facilities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). GDI’s multimodality clinics provide its patients with timely, high quality diagnostic imaging exams and reports, with more than 200,000 imaging exams conducted each year.

With PocketHealth, GDI patients are able to instantly access, store and share their medical images and reports in a more efficient, secure and convenient way, eliminating reliance on CD-ROMs and return visits to the clinic to pick-up their images. PocketHealth gives referring physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers electronic access to view their patients’ imaging instantly for quicker diagnosis and treatment planning.

“Many patients have requested PocketHealth at our clinics so they can have quick and secure access to their medical imaging and reports which makes it easier for them to manage their medical records,” said Andrea Jones, General Manager, GAM Diagnostic Imaging. “GAM Diagnostic Imaging is committed to providing our patients with timely, high quality diagnostic imaging exams and reports, and our partnership with PocketHealth is a testament to that.”

The benefits of this partnership extend to both the patient and referring physician communities. Physicians will no longer need to log into portals or create accounts to access imaging records, and the risk of missed or delayed appointments due to lost or corrupt CDs will be reduced. For GDI, PocketHealth also reduces the costs of burning CD-ROMs and administrative time spent on sharing medical images with patients and referring physicians.  

“We’re excited to partner with GAM Diagnostic Imaging as they continue to provide innovative solutions for their patients across the GTA,” said Rishi Nayyar, Co-Founder and CEO, PocketHealth. “PocketHealth gives patients more control over their health through the ability to easily access and securely share records. We believe that our platform will provide GDI patients with the tools they need to make more informed decisions about their health.” 

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PocketHealth is the world’s first patient-driven image sharing platform that makes it easy for patients and providers to access and share diagnostic imaging with anyone, anywhere, on any device. PocketHealth also enables direct sharing between hospitals and physicians, instant DICOM retrieval and automated importing capability, creating a unified image management solution for more than 600 hospitals and imaging clinics across North America. PocketHealth believes that by placing patients at the center of their care journey, records move more ethically, easily and securely throughout the healthcare system. For more information, visit

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