How long does it take to receive my imaging records?

PocketHealth is electronically connected to your imaging provider (and over 500 other imaging providers across North America), meaning that there is typically no clerical or manual processing related to retrieving your records.

That means that once your consent is provided for a particular imaging institution, within a few minutes you can expect to receive an email notification that all historical exams have been added to your account. If you have a very large record set (some patients have hundreds of historical imaging exams!), this may take up to 48 hours.

That said, exams that you recently had done may take longer to be added to your account. Typically, this is because their radiologist report may not yet be written (this can take upwards of a week after your exam date, based on your hospital/clinic,how specialized your exam was and their average turnaround time) and if your hospital/clinic puts a hold on record release for new records. That said, because we are electronically connected to your imaging provider, as soon as your hospital/clinic has finalized your recent imaging exam and approved it for release you will receive it automatically in your account within a few minutes!

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