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PocketHealth makes it easy to access your medical images, share them with your doctor and get involved in your own care.

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Accessing and sharing your medical imaging shouldn't be so hard. So we made it easy.

Medical Imaging
  • Access your images from any device, in full diagnostic quality.
  • Share easily with your doctor. They can view your images and make a diagnosis right from PocketHealth.
  • Store permanently. View your images any time so you always know what’s happening with your health.
  • Own your own healthcare journey. Being informed about your diagnosis means you can be prepared to speak with your doctor.
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  • "I've been using PocketHealth for about a year and the site is actually a lifeline for me because I have . . . cancer and I like to go over the multiple reports on my condition"

    Robert A
    Fighting Cancer

  • "Having my images and results in a centralized location played a big part in understanding the evolution of my health"

    Lesley C.
    Understanding their health

  • "It’s so great to have easy access to my images. It’s not this closed loop between my healthcare providers anymore. My health records are now my property and rightly so."

    John N.
    Owning their health data

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To handle your data with care

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    Bank-level encryption standards, regular external audits and strong account controls enable secure exchange of sensitive medical imaging records.
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    All health information is stored in its local jurisdiction to ensure compliance with HIPAA and PHIPA regulatory standards.
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    Your records will be stored on PocketHealth in full diagnostic quality forever. Access them from any device, anywhere, any time.

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