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PocketHealth opens RESTful API to RIS/PACS Developers

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Today, PocketHealth delivered an open, RESTful API designed to allow RIS/PACS developers across the world embed robust patient sharing functionality natively into their clinical applications, with minimal integration effort.

A predictable, optimized API means PocketHealth patient access can be integrated into any DICOM-compliant RIS, PACS or VNA system with limited development resources, providing clinic/hospital end-users with the patient access experience they want, how they want it.

The API allows patients to enroll for access, provide electronic consent, and receive DICOM imaging + reports seamlessly in the background of your application in a fully automated and secure process — without any UI or workflow updates for end-users.  

Harsh Nayyar, PocketHealth CTO, said “With the PocketHealth API now open to the incredible community of RIS/PACS and VNA developers globally, vendors can finally incorporate a deeper, more meaningful level of patient centricity into their applications. This is a significant step towards providing a familiar access experience for patients regardless of which imaging clinic or hospital they visited, and what radiology systems their records happened to be residing on.”

Uniquely, engaged RIS/PACS vendors are assigned a dedicated integration rep, who will provide robust testing resources and detailed documentation to make sure that developers have the support it needs to succeed.

PocketHealth is free forever for RIS/PACS vendors, healthcare providers, and physicians. PocketHealth’s goal, as explained by Mr. Nayyar, was to “create an integration experience simple enough such that RIS/PACS vendors can stay focused on what they do best, while PocketHealth focuses on the best patient record access experience possible.”

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