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The traditional method of sharing medical imaging records has always been that your doctor asks you to bring a CD of your medical imaging to your appointment. Since this is the oldest and historically the most common way of sharing medical imaging record, your doctor will often still ask for a CD simply because they aren’t aware of any other options.

However with your PocketHealth account, there is a newer (and better) method of sharing your medical imaging exams. Sharing your records through PocketHealth functions exactly like a CD but without all the extra hassle. Here’s how you can easily share your records on PocketHealth when your physician asks for a CD:

1. Login to your PocketHealth account here,  

2. Click on the “Share My Records” feature (this is found on the “My Records” page),

3. Print Access Page (and then hand this page to your doctor).

Tip #1: Don’t have a printer? Simply take a picture of the Access Page or write down the link, security code and your date of birth so you can provide this information to your doctor at the time of your appointment.

When you select “Share My Records”, the first option that will show up is “Print Access Page”. This option will provide you with a secure link, a security code, as well as the patient’s date of birth. All your doctor needs to do is visit the link referenced on the page, and type in the security code and your date of birth, and voila! Your imaging records are then available for your physician to view and download.

It is important to note that there is a 30 day expiry date from the date you create this page – be mindful that you are generating the page within 30 days of your appointment so your doctor can successfully view your imaging.

Tip#2: Did you know that you can fax your records directly to your doctor’s office? This can save you an unnecessary trip, provide your doctor with instant access to your imaging and it’s also handy if you don’t have a printer you can use. To fax your Access Page, simply click on ‘Fax Access Page’ at the top of your share menu and enter in your doctor’s fax number.


Another useful aspect of Access Pages is that your doctor would not require a specialized software or any plug-ins in order to access the imaging. They would simply follow the access link, enter the security code and the patient’s date of birth to view the images in a web-based FDA and Health Canada Certified medical imaging viewer.

Once the doctor has access to the images they will be able to effectively view the records in order to review your imaging on any device (all they need is an internet connection!). If your doctor works at a hospital, they may want the imaging imported into their local hospital system (a “PACS” — Picture Archiving & Communication System), which they can do right from your Access Page as well!

Gone are the days of rushing around to pick up last minute CDs from your clinic/hospital, or waiting for your doctor to load a CD into their computer. The critics have spoken – CD’s are out, and Access Pages are in.

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