Health Management Company of America Selects PocketHealth to Improve Medical Imaging Access in Florida

Health Management Company of America Selects PocketHealth

Boca Raton, FL, August 19, 2021 — PocketHealth, developer of healthcare’s most unique digital image sharing technology, announced today that Health Management Company of America has adopted the PocketHealth platform to enable diagnostic images to be shared with patients and referring physicians. 

Health Management Company of America (HMCA) provides medical management services for 27 diagnostic imaging centers in New York and Florida. HMCA offers advanced imaging technology, including Stand-Up® MRI, high-field MRI, extremity MRI, and x-ray services. The company supports its facilities through centrally managed RIS, PACS, physician portals and IT systems, enabling radiologists, many who sub-specialize in neuroradiology and musculoskeletal imaging, to provide services locally or remotely via teleradiology.

PocketHealth is a diagnostic image sharing platform that gives healthcare providers the ability to share diagnostic images with patients, physicians and other healthcare organizations through an easy-to-use online experience. Deployed at over 550 healthcare facilities ranging from imaging clinics to community hospitals and multi-site health systems, PocketHealth creates an infrastructure that enables healthcare providers to send and receive imaging records without the use of networks or CDs.

Xavier Rodrigo, HMCA’s Vice President of Southeast Operations said, “PocketHealth’s breakthrough technology is helping us to provide accurate, timely reports and diagnostic images to our referring physicians in Florida. Also, eliminating CDs and giving patients easy access to their digital imaging records improves the workflow in our offices and enhances the overall quality of patient experience. PocketHealth is definitely helping to move us to the front of the digital healthcare curve.”

“PocketHealth is pleased to partner with HMCA to improve services to physicians and patients through digital access to imaging records,” said Rishi Nayyar, Co-Founder and CEO of PocketHealth. “Organizations like HMCA are recognizing the benefits of digital healthcare and especially the value of a seamless image sharing experience for everyone.”

About PocketHealth

PocketHealth is a patient-centric cloud platform that enables healthcare providers to share imaging records electronically with patients, instantly and securely. The platform has grown its functionality to enable direct sharing to hospitals and physicians, as well as instant DICOM retrieval and automated importing capability, creating a unified image management solution for over 500 hospitals and imaging clinics across North America. PocketHealth believes that by placing patients at the centre of the record release process, data moves more ethically, easily and securely throughout the care journey. Learn more at 

About Health Management Company of America (HMCA)

HMCA is the physician practice management (PPM) subsidiary of FONAR Corporation (Nasdaq: FONR). Incorporated in 1978, FONAR is the first, oldest and most experienced MRI manufacturer in the industry. FONAR created HMCA in 1997. The synergy between the company’s manufacturing segment and its PPM subsidiary has been very successful. At present HMCA manages 39 MRI scanners at 27 diagnostic imaging centers in New York and Florida.

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