Become a partner in your health care with PocketHealth

Imaging records of a chest x-ray on PocketHealth account

It can be easy to get swept up by the healthcare system. Things move quickly; things move slowly—either way, it can feel like health care is happening to you, rather than with you or for you.

That’s where PocketHealth comes in. Having access to your own medical files gives you access to the raw data of your health, and tools like PocketHealth’s Report Reader ensure you can understand what it is you’re seeing. 

Here are seven other ways that PocketHealth helps ensure that you are a partner, not a passenger, in your own care:

  1. No more missed follow-ups. Many PocketHealth users have said they use the platform to make sure they get the attention they need. That includes pushing for any follow-up imaging or tests that are recommended in their reports and checking in with their providers if those follow-ups aren’t booked in a timely manner.
  2. You can ask better questions. When you can read the reports yourself you have time to digest them and ask more specific questions during your next appointment, which can help you better understand your condition and any treatment options.
  3. Feel connected to your condition. If you have a chronic condition, looking back through past images and noting changes between them and recent ones can help you see how your condition has changed over time. Connecting those changes with how you feel can help you better understand what’s going on in your body.
  4. Avoid repeat imaging. If you have multiple care providers—whether that means specialists, caregivers, or both—PocketHealth makes it easy to ensure everyone has access to all your medical images and associated reports. That means nothing gets lost and any repeated imaging is being done for comparison, not to start the process again.
  5. You know when there’s news. Everyone has heard some version of “no news is good news,” but it’s easy to wonder if something has slipped through the cracks, especially if you don’t have a primary care provider or family doctor to ask. PocketHealth lets you see your results when they come in so you can have peace of mind.
  6. Bring your records everywhere. You never know when you might need to access your medical imaging. With PocketHealth, your images are always accessible, making a big move or an overseas vacation that much easier.
  7. Know what to research. While researching your own health isn’t necessary, most people have consulted Dr. Google when they don’t feel well or get an initial diagnosis. Using your reports as a starting point to look for more information related to your condition will help keep you focused and hopefully help you avoid falling down unrelated rabbit holes.

Go into your next appointment feeling confident, informed, and ready to participate in your own care. 

PocketHealth Patient Perspective

“You’re more proactive. You’re more accountable. Nothing can slip through the cracks because you know.”

– Katherine, a longtime PocketHealth user on the value the platform brings to her family’s health care. 

PocketHealth is putting hundreds of thousands of patients back in charge of their healthcare journey by giving them easy online access and ownership of all their medical imaging and making it a breeze to share this information with doctors and care providers around the world. To access your medical imaging and records, please visit us here.

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