Celebrate Father’s Day with PocketHealth!

Illustration of healthcare professional handing a sonogram to a father through a mobile screen

Celebrate this Father’s Day with a look back on the first moments of parenthood. Access all your sonograms to gift Dad with the most unforgettable photo album.

Remember that feeling when you saw the sonogram for the first time and could make out a little face, hand or foot? It’s that moment when it hits you – “I’m going to be a parent!”

PocketHealth makes it easy to access all your past ultrasound images and create a collection of sonograms to give to the Dad who has everything.

So many Dads missed these appointments due to COVID-19 restrictions across Canada, but now you can go back to those first glimpses and relive those moments together. It’s the perfect gift to rediscover the beginnings of fatherhood!

The perfect Father’s Day gift is ready – just retrieve and share!

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