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PocketHealth for RIS/
PACS Developers

Supercharge your RIS/PACS offering by integrating PocketHealth directly into your platform. Add value for your customers by unlocking the power of patient access, reduced CD-burning and improved security — all from the familiarity of your own trusted environment.

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Integrate Without Compromise

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  • Simple RESTful API
    A predictable, concise, and optimized API means that your platform can get up and running with PocketHealth with limited development resources.
  • Dedicated Integration Support
    A dedicated integration rep, robust testing resources and detailed documentation mean that your dev team has the support it needs to succeed.
  • Free (forever)
    PocketHealth is free for RIS/PACS vendors, healthcare providers and physicians — forever. Your team can focus on an optimized integration while we focus on the best patient experience
  • No Workflow Change for Customers
    Deliver records to patients seamlessly in the background of your application without any UI or workflow updates for your clinical users.
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