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The Ottawa Hospital Elevates Patient Care with PocketHealth Partnership

February 14, 2024 | PocketHealth
The Ottawa Hospital launches PocketHealth

The Ottawa Hospital Elevates Patient Care with PocketHealth Partnership

  • Patients now have faster and easier access to their diagnostic imaging and reports on any device, at any time.
  • PocketHealth partnership offers personalized health insights, including questions to ask doctors, and bone health screening for eligible patients.

TORONTO, ON, February 13, 2024 – PocketHealth and The Ottawa Hospital have partnered to bring advanced healthcare technology to the patient experience, giving patients personalized insights and guidance to navigate their healthcare journey.

Through PocketHealth, patients at The Ottawa Hospital can now easily retrieve, store and share their medical imaging and reports online. This eliminates the need to use CD-ROMs to share medical imaging with patients or referring physicians. Additionally, patients can take advantage of MyCare Navigator, a new feature with healthcare information tailored to an individual patient, helping improve their healthcare experience.

“Empowering our patients with personalized insights and streamlining their healthcare journey has always been top of mind for us, and allows us to seamlessly integrate digital resources while fostering stronger connections between our patients and their care team,” said Ellen Alie, Director, Diagnostic Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital. “Partnering with PocketHealth improves patient access to their records while enabling staff to spend less time on administrative tasks, ultimately elevating the overall healthcare experience.”

“By empowering individuals with personalized information and facilitating meaningful interactions with healthcare providers, PocketHealth is contributing to a more proactive and informed approach to healthcare,” said Rishi Nayyar, Co-Founder & CEO of PocketHealth. “With The Ottawa Hospital we are able to enhance patient-doctor communication, reduce gaps in follow-up care and promote preventative measures.”

With PocketHealth’s MyCare Navigator, patients can access:

  • Personalized Questions for Doctors, which provides patients with tailored questions to ask their doctors during follow-up appointments, fostering more informed and engaging healthcare conversations.
  • Follow-up Recommendations, which gives a comprehensive view of recommended follow-up, reducing the likelihood of missed steps in their healthcare plan.
  • Bone Health Risk Screening, a preventative screening tool powered by Rho that helps identify possible bone health risks and identifies eligibility for a Bone Health Risk Assessment
    • Rho is an AI-driven opportunistic screening tool to improve population bone health. It uses routinely captured X-rays to identify patients with higher likelihood of having low bone mineral density (BMD).

Patients at The Ottawa Hospital can request their records at pockethealth.com/TOH. Once the records are available for viewing, the patient will receive an email from PocketHealth with a secure link to access, store and share their images. More than 1.5 million patients across Canada and the US have access to PocketHealth and MyCare Navigator.

About The Ottawa Hospital
The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is one of Canada’s top learning and research hospitals where we are guided by our vision to provide the world-class and compassionate care we would all want for our loved ones. Our multi-campus hospital, affiliated with the University of Ottawa, is home to the Regional Trauma Centre and Cancer Centre, and to discoveries that are adopted globally.

Backed by generous support from the community, we are focused on reshaping the future of health care to improve the health of our diverse population of patients from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Nunavut. For more information about The Ottawa Hospital, visit OttawaHospital.on.ca.

About PocketHealth
PocketHealth is the first patient-centric image sharing platform, empowering patients with fast access, easy sharing and permanent, secure storage of their medical imaging and reports. By eliminating any network image-sharing dependencies, PocketHealth seamlessly integrates into healthcare systems and creates efficiencies and cost savings for providers while putting patients in control of their healthcare journey. PocketHealth is trusted by over 600 hospitals and imaging centers across North America, and is being used by more than 1.5 million patients. Learn more at pockethealth.com.

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