PocketHealth Launches Basic

PocketHealth Announces Free Access to Medical Imaging Records for Patients Across Canada and the U.S.

  • PocketHealth Basic eliminates costs for accessing medical imaging records while empowering patients to actively participate in their health and collaborate more effectively with their healthcare provider.
  • Patients can now access vital healthcare information without financial barriers, driving greater health equity and access to essential healthcare resources.

TORONTO, May 1, 2024 — PocketHealth, the leading patient-centric medical image sharing platform, today unveiled PocketHealth Basic, a new, free service that provides patients with fast and easy access to their medical imaging and reports. 

Patients face difficulties in accessing their medical records due to financial barriers and reliance on outdated technology like CDs or online portals that don’t offer diagnostic quality records. These challenges affect patient care, especially in remote areas, where fees and delays are more pronounced. Costs for record retrieval vary, often exceeding $30 per release, with extra charges per printed page or burned CD. Importantly, these fees do not account for the additional time and expenses patients incur in traveling to and from healthcare facilities.  

With PocketHealth Basic, patients now have timely, free and effortless access to their medical imaging records, empowering them to participate in their healthcare journey, improving communication between patients and healthcare professionals, and enabling greater health equity.

A recent study shows patients (68%) wish to have their medical imaging information available to better advocate for themselves, while those who have convenient access to their medical records are more likely to adhere to recommended treatment regimens and follow-up appointments, leading to a better healthcare experience. By removing financial barriers to accessing an essential healthcare resource like diagnostic images and reports, PocketHealth Basic supports the millions of Canadian and American patients who need immediate access to their medical records.

“We believe that every individual deserves effortless access to their healthcare data,” says Rishi Nayyar, CEO of PocketHealth. “PocketHealth Basic not only facilitates data portability but also contributes to equitable access to healthcare records. By removing financial barriers, we are ensuring that all patients have the tools they need to actively engage in their care without reliance on outdated tools or limited network portals.”

Key features of PocketHealth Basic include:

  • Fast, free access to imaging records 
  • Ability for patients to download diagnostic quality medical images and reports for offline use, storage and sharing
  • Instant sharing of diagnostic quality images and reports with healthcare providers

Patients can opt for additional features through paid plans, including advanced functionality to provide personalized insights and improve patients’ understanding of their health. This includes Report Reader, which explains medical terms in the patient’s report, MyCare Navigator, which equips patients with relevant, personalized questions to ask their doctor and Follow-Up Navigator, which intelligently detects follow-up imaging recommendations to ensure patients adhere to their scheduled appointments. While these fees are reimbursable under most HSA/FSA plans in the United States, PocketHealth will continue to offer its financial assistance services, waiving 100% of the fees for patients who request it, no questions asked.

“We also enable healthcare providers to streamline their processes and save valuable time and resources,” adds Nayyar. “By providing access to medical imaging without reliance on CDs or network portals, PocketHealth empowers patients and reduces administrative burdens so healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care.”

PocketHealth Basic reinforces the company’s commitment to patient empowerment. By providing patients with access, control and a deeper understanding of their health records, PocketHealth also streamlines the way healthcare providers share medical images. With this launch, PocketHealth Basic has been rolled out to more than 1.5 million patients and 775 healthcare facilities across North America. To learn more about PocketHealth Basic and patient empowerment, please visit

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PocketHealth is the only patient-centric image sharing platform, enabling patients to easily access and engage with their diagnostic imaging records. By eliminating any network image-sharing dependencies, PocketHealth seamlessly integrates into healthcare systems and creates efficiencies and cost savings for providers while putting patients in control of their healthcare journey. PocketHealth is trusted by over 775 hospitals and imaging centers across North America and is used by more than 1.5 million patients. Learn more at

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