A Better Way to Access Your Patients’ Imaging Records

It’s time to stop relying on CDs

Forgotten, lost or incomplete CDs cause delays in care and unnecessary repeat imaging. With PocketHealth, you can instantly access imaging and reports with no account setup, software or specialized training needed.

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“It’s fast and easy. PocketHealth frees up my time and energy to read studies so that I can provide a better service to patients.”

Dr. Zhang

Used by over 1200000+ patients and 550 healthcare facilities across North America

How to access patient imaging with PocketHealth

Replace CDs with Access Pages

Instead of a CD, physicians get an Access Page with a unique security code. To access imaging simply enter the security code and the patient’s date of birth at www.pockethealth.com/view.

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An intuitive interface that’s easy to use

Physicians can instantly access imaging in an FDA-approved embedded zero-footprint viewer or import images into their local PACS, all in full diagnostic quality.

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Put the patient first

Plan for better consultations by accessing images prior to appointments instead of waiting for a CD. Plus, no more risk of corrupt, incomplete or lost CDs, which lead to delays in patient care.

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