World Health Day Competition 2023: 10 Healthcare Facilities Provide Faster Imaging Access to 2,406 Patients

Sault Area Hospital Staff Holds PocketHealth Sign Up Forms for World Health Day Competition 2023

Thanks to a little friendly competition, participating healthcare providers eliminated 17,441 CDs to improve patients’ access to their medical imaging.

Since 2022, PocketHealth has run a month-long contest to encourage healthcare facilities to provide patients with improved access to imaging records in honour of World Health Day (WHD). This year’s challenge saw 10 healthcare providers compete to collectively eliminate 75% more CDs than last year and provide 2,406 patients with digital access to their medical imaging. Here’s how the competition played out.

Health (and Imaging Access) for All

WHD is a global health awareness day celebrated annually on April 7, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO). Each WHD draws attention to a different health issue of global concern.

This year’s theme focused on “Health for All” in celebration of WHD’s 75th anniversary. PocketHealth designed the competition around providing digital image access to as many patients as possible. According to a 2023 PocketHealth patient survey, 91% of patients say access to their medical imaging records helps them have better conversations with their doctors. And an empowered patient is more likely to actively engage in their care, leading to improved health outcomes.

Trillium Health Partners Competing in World Health Day 2023 Competition

Participating Team at Trillium Health Partners

10 Facilities, 17,441 CDs Eliminated, 2,406 Patients Helped

We’re excited to announce that the following facilities participated in the 2023 competition.

Participating Provider Logos World Health Day Competition 2023

Thanks to their combined efforts, these 10 care partners eliminated 17,441 CDs, providing 2,406 patients access to their imaging through PocketHealth. That’s a 75% increase from 2022—a serendipitous achievement in time for 75 years of WHD made possible by the dedication of these healthcare providers.

After a month of competing to provide the most patients with digital image access, St. Michael’s Hospital, Sault Area Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Care London came in first, second and third place, respectively.

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