Patients Can Now Upload Imaging to their PocketHealth Account from a CD/USB

CD-USB Upload

Great news! PocketHealth patients can now upload medical imaging records from a CD, USB, or folder on their computer directly into their PocketHealth account, and store them permanently alongside the rest of their imaging studies. This functionality expands PocketHealth beyond its current footprint of 500+ networked imaging facilities across North America and allows patients to add imaging from any imaging source, anywhere in the world into their secure online account, and then share it with any physician in seconds.

How it Works

The process is quick and only takes a few seconds: simply click on Upload Records from within your PocketHealth account, load in your CD/USB and upload the imaging records you wish to add to your account.

In just a few seconds, patients can upload records from a CD, USB or from a folder on their computer right into their PocketHealth account.
The uploading process takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, and records are stored permanently for patient’s access once the transfer is complete.

Once uploaded, records are stored permanently in their original diagnostic quality alongside the rest of a patient’s imaging records from their hospitals/clinics. Patients are required to remit the standard $5.00 Transfer Fee in order to complete the process, and can add any number of imaging studies from multiple CDs/USBs as part of their single record transfer.

A Complete Patient Record

Finally, patients are not limited to visiting imaging institutions that share imaging records electronically (and in full diagnostic fidelity), and can maintain their complete imaging record — regardless of its source — within their PocketHealth account. Meanwhile, their receiving hospitals and physicians have access to a deeper and more complete patient imaging history than ever before, all accessible from one unified web interface.

Patient-initiated CD/USB-uploading is the latest in a long series of updates to the PocketHealth cloud platform that allow patients to truly take control of their health data, share records safely within their circle of care and become engaged participants in their own health journey.

About PocketHealth

PocketHealth is a patient-centric cloud platform that enables imaging providers across North America to share imaging records electronically with patients, instantly and securely. PocketHealth’s PACS-agnostic Gateway deploys with ease and has enabled over 500 hospitals, imaging clinics and mobile imaging sites across North America to modernize and secure their image release process. The company believes that by placing patients at the center of the record release process, data moves more ethically, easily and securely throughout the care journey. Learn more at

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