Patients View Records Even Sooner with Locked Exams

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You just had another x-ray exam, and you’re expecting to receive your results online. Eager to see the results from your test you login to your PocketHealth account. Normally you receive an email notification for new exams but the exam was only a few hours ago — your results wouldn’t be ready that quickly, would they?

The answer: Yes! Simply login and find your new exam under the title “Locked Exams”.

How it works:

When new exams are available to be added to your existing account, a new section titled “Locked Exams” will appear when you login. By selecting the exam you are looking to access you will then be asked to answer a security question. If these exams require a transfer fee you will also be able to provide payment details. And voila! Your account is now up to date with any new exam records.

Ultrasounds image in PocketHealth's Locked Exams

Why it works:

The average person receives around 120 emails per day, so it’s not surprising that some emails are missed. With this new feature you don’t have to worry about emails going into your junk folder and not seeing them, missing the timeline to activate new records, or accidentally deleting emails from PocketHealth!

Don’t need your most recent exam right now? Not a problem — with PocketHealth you only pay for what you need. Any exams you do not activate or do not need will always remain in your “Locked Exams” until you’re ready to access them.

Ready to check out the new update?

If you’re already a PocketHealth user, you can login to your account here to look for new exams, and check out the updated experience.

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