Introducing PocketHealth Unlimited!

woman receiving xrays

You asked, and we listened! A new payment option is now available for families and frequent users – PocketHealth Unlimited.

For an annual fee of $49 you can:

• Receive all existing and future imaging exams from any hospital/clinic we are connected to.
• Add up to 5 family members to your account and request for them as well without incurring further fees.
• Upload unlimited records from a CD or USB to your account, if you have any from the past.

This payment option is beneficial for patients who want the convenience of not having to complete payment for each transfer, if you have multiple family members that need their imaging records, if you have records from various hospitals/clinics or are expecting to have frequent medical imaging exams.

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If you need more information on how the annual subscription works, keep reading!

Getting Started:

Similar to other accounts where there is a primary account holder, like Rogers or Bell, your PocketHealth account is registered under one email address for all members. To activate your subscription, select the “My Account” button in the top navigation bar, and then select the “Subscription” button. You will see the option to “activate” your subscription on this page. Once activated your subscription is active for one year from the date you activated the subscription. Moving forward you can choose to use our auto-renew feature to ensure your subscription is always active.

Adding Family Member Profiles:

Adding profiles makes requesting records quick and easy! To add members onto your subscription simply select the “My Account” button in the top navigation bar, then select the “Family Members” button on the side navigation bar that appears. From there you would select the blue text “+ Add a Family Member Profile” to input the information for your family member.

Requesting Records:

Once your profiles are all set up, you’ll want to request records for you and your family members. Simply select the “Make A Request” button from the top navigation bar. You will then be prompted to enter in the location(s) yourself or your family members have visited for medical imaging exams.

Viewing, Sharing and Storing Records:

Once your requested is submitted, your account will be updated with any historical records available at the facility within 1-2 days (but usually within a few hours!) All records requested while the subscription was activated will remain permanently stored in your account, even if the subscription is deactivated. The family members you request records for under your PocketHealth Unlimited subscription will all use the same PocketHealth account. Once your records are ready to view you will be notified by email automatically. You can then log in to view and access a completely digital record of your family’s medical imaging exams in a single location, like in the image below.

Tip: To share your records with your doctor or allied health practitioner (such as your chiropractor or physiotherapist), first select the “Share My Records” button, next click “Specific Records” and then click on the exams in the list of records that are for you. Finally proceed to sharing through whatever method works best for you or your practitioner (you can use email, fax, or print-a-link to your records!)

When sharing records, keep in mind you can only share records for one individual at a time. If you need to share records for yourself and your partner for example, you would need to first share records that belong to you, and then share records that belong to your partner.

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