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Accessing Your Medical Imaging Records Virtually

How PocketHealth helps you quickly and easily access your imaging records online.

Whether dealing with an illness, recovering from an injury or going through pregnancy, medical imaging likely plays an important role in your healthcare journey—and it’s normal to expect fast, easy access to your results.

As a patient, you have the right to access a copy of any of your health information contained in medical or health records. But getting access isn’t always easy. The process often involves requesting records in writing using your health card or medical record number, which can take 30–60 days to process and often means physically picking up a CD in person.

Luckily, there’s a faster, easier way to request access to your medical imaging records and reports directly from healthcare providers. PocketHealth enables quick access to your records and personalized insights to guide your healthcare journey. Already have an account? Log in here.

5 benefits of accessing your medical records through PocketHealth

You get fast and easy access

PocketHealth enables you to instantly access your images and reports the moment the hospital diagnostic imaging department, patient portal or imaging clinic releases them—no need to await your follow-up appointment at the doctor’s office.

“Accessing my imaging records and reports through PocketHealth has really improved communication with my healthcare providers. I go into appointments prepared and empowered. I have the information already—I’ve read it, digested it and have my list of questions. We’re not wasting any time. We go directly to action.”

Kristy, PocketHealth User

You can ask more informed questions

It can be challenging to decipher the complex medical terms in your imaging reports. PocketHealth’s Report Reader helps you easily understand what those terms mean, while MyCare Navigator suggests questions to ask your doctor based on your report, as well as offering access to preventative health screening.

Thanks to both tools, you gain valuable information about your health, helping you have more informative conversations with your doctor and the rest of your care team.

You get personalized health insights

A study from the American College of Radiology reports that 60% of medical imaging recommendations aren’t followed up on. With PocketHealth’s MyCare Navigator, you’ll know when a follow-up is needed, allowing you to be on top of the recommended next steps.

You’re in control of your medical records

All your imaging and report records are secured with bank-level encryption technology and will always be centralized in one place for you to access, share and securely store from any device. This helps you avoid requesting records in writing, which can take time for the imaging department or clinic to process and may require a fee.

You can share results with health care providers

If you want to keep your entire healthcare team up to date or need a second opinion, you can email, print or fax a secure access page to any healthcare provider from your account. And that practitioner doesn’t need to be on PocketHealth to view your images in full, diagnostic quality.

Accessing medical records has never been easier

If you or your family need access to your medical imaging records, you can avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital imaging department or clinic by accessing your records virtually instead. Access your records today.

Please reach out to our Patient Experience team at PocketHealth directly if you have any questions regarding accessing your imaging records: [email protected].

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