Accessing Your Imaging Records Virtually

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We know the last few days have been a stressful time for everyone, especially our patients with ongoing health concerns.

Amidst calls to practise social distancing, and health officials’ recommendations to avoid non-essential trips to hospitals and clinics, it’s important to consider alternatives to physically picking up image CDs. Over the past week, we have seen thousands of patients across Canada and the United States accessing their imaging records virtually on PocketHealth.

We also recognize other medical conditions don’t stop in times like these. If you have friends and family in need of medical records right now for any reason, please let them know they can avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital or clinic by accessing their records virtually instead. If financial assistance is required, please have them reach out to our Patient Experience team and we will waive any fees, no questions asked.

Our Patient Experience Team remains fully-staffed. If you have any questions regarding accessing your imaging records, please reach out to us at

We’re proud to be able to keep patients safely connected to their health data during this difficult time.