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PocketHealth Launches Follow-Up Navigator

PocketHealth Launches Follow-Up Navigator

PocketHealth Reduces Risk of Missed or Delayed Treatments with Follow-Up Navigator, Putting Follow-Ups Directly in the Patient’s Hands

  • This powerful feature empowers patients to manage follow-up recommendations contained in their imaging reports to enable self-advocacy and healthcare ownership.
  • By directly prompting follow-up recommendations to the patient, Follow-Up Navigator helps healthcare organizations improve patient communication, engagement and retention, generates new revenue opportunities, streamlines operations and reduces liability risks.
  • Follow-Up Navigator is a first step in PocketHealth’s comprehensive approach to improve follow-up compliance rates.

TORONTO, August 16, 2023 – PocketHealth today launched Follow-Up Navigator, an intuitive new feature that helps patients manage their follow-up instructions on medical imaging reports, and benefits providers by addressing challenges posed by non-adherence to follow-up recommendations.

Radiology departments continue to grapple with the challenges of tracking and ensuring timely follow-up imaging for patients, particularly when patients are unaware of the required follow-up in their report. Nearly 60% of radiology reports that require follow-up imaging to monitor health conditions or evaluate progression of an illness are not adhered to by the patient.

“Complying with follow-up recommendations plays a crucial role in the patient’s healthcare journey after medical imaging is conducted,” said Rishi Nayyar, Co-Founder & CEO of PocketHealth. “Non-adherence can lead to missed diagnoses and treatment delays, which impact patient satisfaction and readmission rates and increases liability for providers. By surfacing follow-up requirements directly to the patient, providers reassure the patient that they don’t miss a critical follow-up in their report, reducing the risk of missed or delayed treatments.PocketHealth Follow-Up Navigator

Proactive Healthcare Management for Patients and Providers

For patients, Follow-Up Navigator flags any follow-up required within their PocketHealth account, whether scheduling the next imaging appointment, requiring tissue sampling or additional tests or lab work, ensuring timely action.

For providers, Follow-Up Navigator,

  • Enhances patient communication, leading to improved engagement and retention
  • Drives new revenue opportunities through improved follow-up compliance
  • Increases operational efficiency with reduced staff intervention
  • Decreases liability risks associated with missed or delayed diagnoses

“Building strong lines of communication and relationships with our patients is a top priority,” said Mishal Mendiratta-Lala, MD, Director of Abdominal MRI and Professor of Clinical Radiology, University of Michigan School of Medicine. “Bringing patients directly into the follow-up management process will help improve follow-up closure rates with less intervention required. This will not only save organizations valuable time and resources, but can help drive significant return on investment by prompting patients to return to the facility for their next appointment.”

Follow-Up Navigator is part of PocketHealth Report Reader which detects complex words and defines them within the patient’s imaging reports, and reduces scanxiety. Follow-Up Navigator is the first step in PocketHealth’s comprehensive approach to improve follow-up compliance rates. Along with recently launched Appointment Reminders, PocketHealth is helping healthcare organizations provide a more integrated care journey for patients going through imaging events.

About PocketHealth

PocketHealth is the first patient-centric image sharing platform, empowering patients with fast access, easy sharing and permanent, secure storage of their medical imaging and reports. By eliminating any network image-sharing dependencies, PocketHealth seamlessly integrates into healthcare systems and creates efficiencies and cost savings for providers while putting patients in control of their healthcare journey. PocketHealth is trusted by over 600 hospitals and imaging clinics across North America, and is being used by more than 1.5 million patients. Learn more at pockethealth.com.


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