What can I do with my records?

By logging onto your account at www.pockethealth.com/login (or directly via the email you received) you have access to a wide variety of features. For example, you can:

  1. Have Your Record Wherever You Go: You can access your record(s) from any device with an internet connection, anywhere in the world – forever.
  2. Share Imaging Electronically: Share your records with any healthcare professional in full diagnostic quality by fax, email or print-a-link, who can then view the records instantly within their web browser via a Health Canada/FDA-certified diagnostic viewer.
  3. Request Records from New Clinics/Hospitals: Search for over 500 clinics and hospitals across North America and enroll for access from new imaging providers, helping build a more comprehensive health record.
  4. Upload Your Old CDs: Upload and digitize any imaging already in your possession like old CDs or records from hospitals not currently connected to PocketHealth, and truly complete your imaging record.
  5. Download: Download individual images as PNG files (for non-diagnostic use only) or download entire records as DICOM files (for diagnostic use). These files can be stored locally on your computer or shared via USB or by burning to CD.
  6. Burn your own CD or USB: With the simple Self-Serve function in your account, you can easily burn your entire imaging record onto a CD or USB Drive with an integrated diagnostic viewer for your physician.

Of course, the most important feature of PocketHealth is that your imaging record(s) will be securely stored and can be accessed and shared easily and instantly. Finally: your records, in your control.

Access My Records